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Gateshead Cup Cakes

Cupcakes are rapidly becoming the cake of choice for weddings, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries and many other celebrations.

Cupcakes ensure every party guest can have a similar and consitent portion without the problem of sectioning a traditional cake

Most cupcakes are made using a traditional sponge/muffin recipe although it's easy to adapt for instance:

That's just for starters. Once made, your cupcakes can be decorated to suit any occasion and taste using butter-creamicing, royal-icing or even a simple fruit topping

Unlike a traditional cake cut into slices; each cupcake is decorated as a perfect individual cake.

Gateshead Wedding Cupcakes

This is where it gets exciting. Rather than have a traditional 2-tier or 3-tier wedding cake; you could go for a large multi-tier cake stand that is topped with a small traditional wedding cake for the bride and groom. The lower tiers then hold matching individual cup-cakes that can be distributed amongst the wedding guests to take away or have as a dessert course.

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